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BSA GBR Series awards Mon 31 Jul 17
Awards in the BSA GBR 2017 Series are made for the top three in the U10 through Senior age groups, based on the overall combined results for the series. Click here for the final overall rankings, and here for information about the awards.
BSA GBR Indoor results Tue 18 Jul 17
2017 Club National series results Mon 17 Jul 17
BSA GBR Indoor series Tue 4 Jul 17
GBR Outdoor series final rankings Mon 3 Jul 17
GBR Outdoor after 4 rounds Sat 1 Jul 17

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Getting your Clubs right! Wed 2 Aug 17
Largely as a result of the technical issues with the Snowsport England membership system earlier this year, we have been contacted by quite a few people asking for their Clubs to be corrected. If you are registered with SSE and the club shown on seed lists and results here on GBSKI is not correct, please email as well as with the correct club details. The SSE database provides the 'master' data for GBSKI so any errors need to be corrected at source.

The next seed list is due on Thursday 17th and it is this list that will be used for the All England Championships, so if you are intending to race for your club in the Inter-Club competition then it is important that your club affiliation is listed correctly.

FINAL CALL for Club changes for this seed list is 5pm Tuesday 15th.
SSE Race Secretary's Booklet Wed 14 Jun 17
Updated TD Report form Sun 30 Apr 17
Publishing race documents Tue 25 Apr 17
Updated Penalty Calculator program Tue 18 Apr 17
BASS List published Wed 12 Apr 17

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