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Hemel CN


Venue:Hemel Snow Centre (ENG)
Start Date:10-Jun-17
Duration (days):1
Entry Closing Date:06-Jun-17
Entry Fees:£25 HSRC
Online Entry:Click here for Online Entry
Web Site:
Type/Calendar:Alpine (GBR Artificial) 2017
Competition ID:C327


Race Secretary:Tara Mcleish, 01277 202647, 07827 925574
Chief of Race:Andrea Grant, 01442 865477, +44 (0) 7956 422839
Safe-Guarding Officer:Heather Newton, 07779 964415
Safe-Guarding Officer:Karen Harrison, 07967 129814
Chief of Timing & Calcs:Steve Lambert



Events in Competition

DateTypeListCategoryEventFormatGenderCodexDescriptionTDMPen/Add App Pen 
10-Jun-17   GBRI/2017.2CLUBSL1R2L9247Race 1WEBB Kev [6012]10  
10-Jun-17   GBRI/2017.2CLUBSL2R2L9248Race 2WEBB Kev [6012]10  
10-Jun-17   GBRI/2017.2CLUBSL1R2M8247Race 1WEBB Kev [6012]10  
10-Jun-17   GBRI/2017.2CLUBSL2R2M8248Race 2WEBB Kev [6012]10  
10-Jun-17   GBRUNSCLUBSLBEST2L9249U10/12WEBB Kev [6012]  
10-Jun-17   GBRUNSCLUBSLBEST2M8249U10/12WEBB Kev [6012]  
10-Jun-17   SL1R2L9247Race 1 
10-Jun-17   SL2R2L9248Race 2 
10-Jun-17   SL1R2M8247Race 1 
10-Jun-17   SL2R2M8248Race 2 
10-Jun-17   SLBEST2L9249U10/12 
10-Jun-17   SLBEST2M8249U10/12 

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