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Competition Years and Age Groups

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U10 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011
U12 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009
U14 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007
U16 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005
U18 2000-2001 2001-2002 2002-2003
U21 1997-1999 1998-2000 1999-2001
SEN 1988-1996 1989-1997 1990-1998
MAS -1987 -1988 -1989

FIS competition years start on July 1st and refer to the year of birth. British snow (BASS) competitions follow FIS dates.

British artificial slope (BARTS) competitions also follow FIS, but move the start date back to the beginning of the artificial race season.

Homologated Artificial Slopes

Artificial slopes are homologated (certified) by the GBR TD Forum for Alpine Slalom (and in some cases Telemark) for a period of ten years in accordance with the rules and procedures laid out in BACR Book VIII. Each slope is homologated for categories of events appropriate to the size of the slope.

Slope Code Events Until
BHD (Braehead, Glasgow)0024/06/12CN CH PS15-Jun-2022
BRO (Bromley Ski Centre)0013/04/10CN16-Apr-2020
BWP (Brentwood Park)0007/08/08CN PS16-Aug-2018
CAS (Castleford)0017/06/15CN CH PS21-Jun-2025
CHL (Chill Factore)0015/09/15CN CH PS TM06-Sep-2025
CHT (Chatham)0025/04/18CN CH PS07-Apr-2028
FIR (Firpark)0018/06/15CN10-Jun-2025
GLO (Gloucester)0001/06/15CN CH PS26-Jun-2025
HEM (Hemel Snow Centre)0014/07/09CN CH PS24-Jul-2019
HND (Hillend, Edinburgh)0019/06/15CN CH PS10-Jun-2025
IPS (Ipswich)0008/06/10CN CH PS20-Jun-2020
KIL (Kilternan, Dublin)0021/10/15CN CH PS01-Oct-2025
MDP (Mendip Snowsport Centre)0016/06/10CN CH03-Jun-2020
NOR (Norwich)0002/05/17CN CH PS20-May-2027
PEM (Pembrey)0020/11/11CN PS14-Nov-2021
PND (Pendle)0009/06/15CN CH PS26-Jun-2025
PON (Pontypool)0022/07/15CN CH PS11-Jul-2025
ROS (Rossendale)0005/05/10CN CH21-May-2020
SLK (Silksworth, Sunderland)0004/09/15CN CH PS29-Aug-2025
SMK (Snozone Milton Keynes)0012/10/02CN CH PS16-Oct-2012
SOU (Southampton)0003/05/16CN PS30-May-2026
STO (Stoke)0006/09/15CN CH PS01-Sep-2025
WYN (Welwyn)0023/06/17CN PS11-Jun-2027
Slope, Code, Events, Until
BHD (Braehead, Glasgow)
0024/06/12, CN CH PS, 15-Jun-2022
BRO (Bromley Ski Centre)
0013/04/10, CN, 16-Apr-2020
BWP (Brentwood Park)
0007/08/08, CN PS, 16-Aug-2018
CAS (Castleford)
0017/06/15, CN CH PS, 21-Jun-2025
CHL (Chill Factore)
0015/09/15, CN CH PS TM, 06-Sep-2025
CHT (Chatham)
0025/04/18, CN CH PS, 07-Apr-2028
FIR (Firpark)
0018/06/15, CN, 10-Jun-2025
GLO (Gloucester)
0001/06/15, CN CH PS, 26-Jun-2025
HEM (Hemel Snow Centre)
0014/07/09, CN CH PS, 24-Jul-2019
HND (Hillend, Edinburgh)
0019/06/15, CN CH PS, 10-Jun-2025
IPS (Ipswich)
0008/06/10, CN CH PS, 20-Jun-2020
KIL (Kilternan, Dublin)
0021/10/15, CN CH PS, 01-Oct-2025
MDP (Mendip Snowsport Centre)
0016/06/10, CN CH, 03-Jun-2020
NOR (Norwich)
0002/05/17, CN CH PS, 20-May-2027
PEM (Pembrey)
0020/11/11, CN PS, 14-Nov-2021
PND (Pendle)
0009/06/15, CN CH PS, 26-Jun-2025
PON (Pontypool)
0022/07/15, CN CH PS, 11-Jul-2025
ROS (Rossendale)
0005/05/10, CN CH, 21-May-2020
SLK (Silksworth, Sunderland)
0004/09/15, CN CH PS, 29-Aug-2025
SMK (Snozone Milton Keynes)
0012/10/02, CN CH PS, 16-Oct-2012
SOU (Southampton)
0003/05/16, CN PS, 30-May-2026
STO (Stoke)
0006/09/15, CN CH PS, 01-Sep-2025
WYN (Welwyn)
0023/06/17, CN PS, 11-Jun-2027

CN : Club National or other Club event
CH : Championship, GBR or other National event
PS : Parallel Slalom
TM : Telemark