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Scottish Children's Champs and Bairns Bucket CANCELLED


Venue:Nevis Range (GBR)
Start Date:22-Apr-17
Duration (days):2
Entry Closing Date:14-Apr-17
Entry Fees:£40 children £20 bairns
Online Entry:Click here for Online Entry
Web Site:
Type/Calendar:Alpine (GBR Alpine) 2017
Competition ID:C352


Race Secretary:Fiona Ross
Chief of Championships:Eddie Guest
Chief of Race:Neil Ross, 07860 757549
Chief of Race:Jason Baggaley, 07801 039463


 Scottish Children's Champs & Bairns Bucket Info and Rules

Events in Competition

DateTypeListCategoryEventFormatGenderCodexDescriptionTDMPen/Add App Pen 
22-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHIGS1R2L9182U14 Race 1STADDLE Frank [6005]160  
22-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHIGS2R2L9183U14 Race 2STADDLE Frank [6005]160  
22-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHIGSSTD2L9184U16STADDLE Frank [6005]120  
22-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHIGS1R2M8182U14 Race 1STADDLE Frank [6005]160  
22-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHIGS2R2M8183U14 Race 2STADDLE Frank [6005]160  
22-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHIGSSTD2M8184U16STADDLE Frank [6005]120  
22-Apr-17   GBRUNSCHIGSBEST3L9185U10/12STADDLE Frank [6005]  
22-Apr-17   GBRUNSCHIGSBEST3M8185U10/12STADDLE Frank [6005]  
23-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHISL1R2L9186U14 Race 1STADDLE Frank [6005]160  
23-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHISL2R2L9187U14 Race 2STADDLE Frank [6005]160  
23-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHISLSTD2L9188U16STADDLE Frank [6005]120  
23-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHISL1R2M8186U14 Race 1STADDLE Frank [6005]160  
23-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHISL2R2M8187U14 Race 2STADDLE Frank [6005]160  
23-Apr-17   GBRB/2017.6CHISLSTD2M8188U16STADDLE Frank [6005]120  
22-Apr-17   GS1R2L9182U14 Race 1 
22-Apr-17   GS2R2L9183U14 Race 2 
22-Apr-17   GSSTD2L9184U16 
22-Apr-17   GS1R2M8182U14 Race 1 
22-Apr-17   GS2R2M8183U14 Race 2 
22-Apr-17   GSSTD2M8184U16 
22-Apr-17   GSBEST3L9185U10/12 
22-Apr-17   GSBEST3M8185U10/12 
23-Apr-17   SL1R2L9186U14 Race 1 
23-Apr-17   SL2R2L9187U14 Race 2 
23-Apr-17   SLSTD2L9188U16 
23-Apr-17   SL1R2M8186U14 Race 1 
23-Apr-17   SL2R2M8187U14 Race 2 
23-Apr-17   SLSTD2M8188U16 

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